Garia Mansory Customization (2-seater)


Regular price Deposit $1,000.00

Unique 1 of 1 Garia Mansory Customizations.

A unique combination of original Garia design and Mansory details. Cars instantly available as EU street legal or U.S. street legal as LSV. Hand assembled in Germany by Mansory technicians the original Garia design has gone through a dramatical transformation and optimization by Mansory including carbon fiber details such as bonnet vents, side skirts and rear bumper with diffusor. Lead acid batteries.

Unique interior and details handmade in Germany from Mansory specific leather materials. For more details, see the images or reach out to us on


MSRP: $43,999.

$1,000 deposit required, and is counted towards the total price of the car. Your local Garia dealer will be in touch to complete your order.


The price is without vat, shipment and potential duty fees.